Learn day trading in a unique and better way with our approach at View My Trades. We take a very different avenue when teaching members how to day trade. Most online educators teach clients how to trade by having them read a book they must buy or to watch some outdated and overused videos. In those videos the students will see nothing but the reused information being spit out like reading the latest Tony Robins motivational book. You know the routine, say the same thing 200 different ways and pretend the information is new. That is how most people learn day tradingfrom educators teaching trading futures online and it is unfortunate. Trading the Emini with us is not the same approach. The good news is you can learn trading and you can do it successfully.


We take a very different approach at View My Trades. We teach every client to learn day trading futures in a one on one environment when they are starting the journey to learn to day trade. We work step by step with everyone in a very patient and thorough way. We encourage questions and do not suppress feedback as so many do for those seeking quality day trading education.We provide examples of both winning and losing trades to show you how to react when things do not go your way when day trading the Emini. It is very important as you learn to trade that you understand losing sometimes is part of any career in the futures markets. That is an area where both, the educators themselves and the students fail to focus on. Losing is part of trading and knowing how you will react in the heat of battle is essential before you are stuck in a trade. We welcome you on this journey to become a better trader and will help you learn the futures markets along the way.

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