Our futures trading room welcomes you to see one of the best Emini trading roomstrategies anywhere! It is our privilege to have you take a 3 day mini trial in our live Emini Trading Room. During that period you will receive daily Live Trade Room access on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. You will see live futures trade analysis and trading set-ups called out in advance and all in real time in the online trading room. All mini trials start on Tuesdays and end on Thursdays so you can see a full 3 days. Our live futures trading room opens at 9:15am Eastern Standard Time (New York time) and closes at 11:15am each day. You will learn how to maximize your gains, while limiting your day trading losses and earning consistent profits.


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The cost of the 3 day mini trial is $100 which lets you peak at what we do for 3 days and decide if the full month to month membership to our live futures room is right for you. Some people ask why not a free trial? Great question, but we have our reasons why we stopped offering that. Countless dishonest people would create phony email accounts and take free trials week after week and not pay a dime. IN addition paying $100 means you have some skin in the game and will take things seriously and it avoids to non-serious people who waste everyone's time. That is the answer and that will not be changed so please do not ask if you can get a free trial. Thanks.

You will receive an email from us with your 3 day mini Trial Link to the View My Trades E-mini Live Trade Room within 24 - 48 hours. Please note we are closed on the weekends and do take time off occasionally so if there is a delay you know why. Please fill out all the fields listed below completely and accurately.


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