Futures trading strategies can be found with your daily access to our E-mini live trading room where you will have real time streaming charts access and hear our Futures Trade Room moderator call out live trade set-ups before they happen. We call out the Emini Trading Room trades we see developing during the trade room hours which are from 9:15am – 11:15am Eastern Standard Time when trading volume is most robust. We use the S&P 500 Futures Contract which is often called the E-mini, the Emini, the E mini and the ES. Our  trading strategies usually generate about 4 - 6 trade set-ups per day on average. Sometimes the number is more or less depending on the market movement and the number of quality day trading set-ups that present themselves while the trade room is open.




Every Emini trading strategy set-up we call out has a favorable risk to reward ratio, a disciplined entry point and stop that always takes into account risk management. We track the results from our analysis to the tick on both good days and bad days. You can find those results on the website and never cherry pick only the best trade set-ups; we cover all of them in depth. In other words if we have a crummy day you will know about it. We also take it a few steps further when recording our results. Our room for  trading live futures also clearly states the percentage of contracts at each entry point our analysis calls for. We also call out the scale out points on each trade set-up and where the stop trails to tick by tick. We deduct out of the total points for these details. These results can be found by clicking on the “Performance Tab” on the navigation bar on the home page. We never fluff the trade room analysis numbers by embellishing winning trade set-ups or somehow forgetting to post losing trade set-ups as so many other websites conveniently seem to do on a regularly basis. The BS stops at our website and that you can be assured of.



We post a daily recap video of each Live Trading Room every day on the website which can be found by clicking on the YouTube video right in the middle of the home page. We archive all of these recordings which can be found by clicking on the “Trade Room Archives” tab on the navigation bar on the home page. Our Emini Trading Room results are designed to capture steady gains while limiting futures trading risk. We do not try and hit a home run on every trade set-up we call out for our members. Day traders always swinging for the fences every day are putting themselves in a very bad position and will eventually make a very costly mistake. If you are looking for a real E-mini Trading Room with honest and accurate real time online day trading analysis View My Trades may be what you are looking for.


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