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Our Mission Statement


Live futures trading is not easy and the fact is most people do fail as day traders. Our mission is to help people enter the small group of traders who are profitable trading the ES. The first step to becoming profitable is to focus on the importance of risk management, consistent trade execution and discipline. We do this by offering the real time analysis we provide in our E-mini Trading Room. This helps our members become consistent and profitable when live futures trading. All of our different membership options create a learning environment which allows our members to benefit from our effective Day Trading Strategies.



What we offer our members


We understand that our members bring with them a broad range of skill and experience levels and each will require different areas of assistance with their Futures Day Trading. No matter what the experience level, we can help most traders in areas they most likely never even thought about. Areas such as the mental side of Day Trading Futures or placing a stronger emphasis on trading futures with a risk management perspective instead of focusing on all the money they dream of making with no game plan on how to get there. Some members have no experience at all with S&P 500 Emini Futures which can be a blessing in disguise because they carry no bad habits and come with open mind, but of course will need to learn everything from square one. Others may have years of experience Live Futures Trading, but with that knowledge they carry some deep battle scars from getting knocked around in the E-mini Futures markets. Maybe they were victims of a poorly run online Emini Trading Room or some other Live Futures Trading website or an unethical online educator. In our Live Trading Room we use the NinjaTrader charting platform for our visual and verbal analysis, but that is not required of you to follow along in our trade room. We are not just a live trading room and actually offer 3 different membership options listed below to fit just about every trader’s needs. Lastly, there are never any long-term commitments or long-term contracts to sign with View My Trades. You can sign up for month to month service and as the old Smith Barney commercials used to say, “We earn it” in terms of your business. To learn more about each of our 3 membership option please click on the JOIN NOW button at the bottom of this page. Thank you.




 Our Ethical Standards & Core Values 


We know there is a huge public demand among the general trading community for an Emini Live Trading room and overall Live Futures Trading website that is both honest and straight forward and one that actually delivers quality to its’ members. We understand that Day Trading Futures is not easy and certainly can be a very stressful activity if approached from a standpoint of desperation. If it were as simple as so many “gurus” make it out to be, no one would go to work and everyone would stay at home in their pajamas, trade a few hours a day and get rich. Trading the ES successfully is a difficult task, but can be done and yes, we can help.


They say most retail traders fail. We do not know who “they” are or what the actual number is, but one thing is for sure, it is very high, probably about 95%. So if you are part of the vast majority of people who are Day Trading Futures that are struggling, you are not alone. Sadly this very high failure rate brings out the vultures that prey on vulnerable day traders that desperately want to find futures trading success and make up for past mistakes because they did not Limit Trading Losses. They advertise things like, “Our Robot will trade while you play golf” or “No losing trades in 3 years” or “I turned a $5,000 trading account into $100,000 in 90 days and so can you.” If you see these red flags it is best to run the other way as these Day Trading Strategies and systems do not exist, despite what some claim. If that is what you seek, we cannot help you and nor can anyone else. However, there will be plenty of charming folks out there, making ridiculous promises that will be very happy to take your money and deliver nothing but garbage. If you want to be part of a Live Trading Room that delivers real time analysis in an honest and attainable way with a real message you have come to the right place.


If we did not scare you off, let us explain why we are very different and what we offer our members. Most importantly, we have total honesty and integrity in every aspect of how we run our business. In everything we do, not just in our Emini Trading Room. We offer real value delivered in a simple yet thorough format. Every member of this website is treated with respect, patience, thorough communication and given realistic expectations for Live Futures Trading. We don’t hide behind emails and we speak directly on the phone with members and even prospective members every day. Our office phone is 561-427-1885, call us and put us to the test. We offer in depth perspective on how to manage Trading Risk and how to master the mental aspect of becoming a profitable and stress free Futures Day Trader. We do our absolute best to help our members achieve their Futures Day Trading goals for themselves and/or their families. We take that responsibility very seriously. Our approach is simple. Our analysis is executed with precision, discipline and patience in our E-mini Trading Room and with all of our daily morning email alerts. Every trade set-up we call out has less risk than the potential reward and our trade calls win more often than they lose. If you have a Day Trading Strategy that can do that and you have the mental state of mind to act within your trading rules, success will follow. We are not perfect. We have limited down days sometimes when our analysis if off and we readily admit that when it happens. If you watch our re-cap videos you know this is true. We are not perfect, but we do follow our E-mini Day Trading rules to the letter and we learn from our mistakes. We do not blame the markets. Blaming someone or something, other than yourself, is not the answer. Losses are a part of Futures Day Trading, but keeping those trading losses small is the key. We sugar coat nothing and there is never any BS here. If you wish to learn more about us, what we do or how to get better at trading the E-mini feel free to contact us. Thank you for taking the time to read this section. We know it is long and little direct at times, but we feel explaining our code of business ethics is very important not just as it pertains to our analysis for the those Emini Trading, but also as it pertains to our character.




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