How to day trade is something many novice traders wish to learn and it all starts with managing trading risk. There are many ways to manage risk when day trading futures, but one of the key things is to avoid is events you cannot control. A simple way to avoid those events is to limit your time in the markets when how to day trade. One great thing to consider is the trade set-ups we called out are all closed out before the end of the live trading room each day. By closing out all of our entries we called out with our analysis and allowing for the members to be in cash each night they avoid any black swan news events or extreme after market price movement and can enjoy sleeping like babies.




How to day trade futures is something we help teach our clients in a variety of ways and it all starts with safety first. We are always managing day trading risk with our Futures Day Trading Strategies. Anything can happen overnight and usually something does, especially to those new people trying to  learn E-mini trading. These night moves often times cause more after hours movement than during the actual open trading hours. We see this on a regular basis with large price gaps week in and week out. Sometimes when people have a Live Futures Trading system that holds positions over night it does work out, but more often a trader can get steam rolled by an unexpected major news event for which they have no control over. It seems these days we get a weekly dose of some country’s debt crisis, instability in the Mid-East, terrorism, quantitative easing forecasts, Ebola outbreaks, fears of higher gas prices, a weakening US dollar and of course further downgrades to the global financial systems. Then of course Mother Nature can dish out some serious pain such as hurricanes and Tsunamis that affect the markets. These events can kill the portfolio of someone who is trading futures with no risk management plan. While you need to be in the markets to make money, the less time you “sit in the markets” the less risk you are exposed to. For this very reason we have carefully developed an ES E-mini Trading System that our members find very helpful. Our trade room analysis only calls for an entry into the futures markets when the least amount of risk is coupled with the maximum amount of reward. We manage each trade set-up in the room very carefully and we clearly communicate the exit points for our E-mini Futures trade room followers. Safety is the primary focus in our E mini Trading Room and how we explain the day trading set-ups.

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